Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

I cannot believe we are getting to the end of the semester! It’s crazy to think about all we’ve covered and how much I’ve learned about the Korean language!

So far, I had the chance to check out a couple apps like Duolingo and Quizlet, lots of Youtube videos, and a really great website called In one of the Youtube videos I watched, the girl mentioned another app that she really loved, which I hadn’t tried yet. So this week I decided to check out the app Memrise.

My first impressions of the app, were that I really loved the look of the app and it seemed fairly easy to navigate. As I started the lesson, I was a little disappointed because I though I would only be going over the consonants and vowels, which I already know. I couldn’t find any option to skip ahead, so I didn’t think I would enjoy this app very much. However, right away they started introducing simple but important phrases, which I didn’t happen right away in Duolingo. They also had video of different people saying the words which was really fun.

After spending about a half hour on the app, I already learned a few phrases like 노래방 (karaoke room) and 사랑해 (I love you). And I could return to the list of words to review, when I forgot what they were. I also started learning some grammar, but didn’t get too far in that section yet. The only issue I have is that I’m not sure if I can go too much further without paying. The next section is ‘locked’ and the only way to move forward seems to be to subscribe for a full year. I have to look into it a bit more!

I also watched a great Youtube video with some tips for learning Korean. A couple that stood out to me were:

  1. Practice reading Korean along with song lyrics (I’m excited to try this one out!)
  2. Ask people to correct you. (My husband is great at this lol!)
  3. Talk to yourself in Korean (I’m not quite at the level, but I think this would be helpful.)
  4. Write in Korean (I want to start doing this more)
  5. Go to Korea (We were supposed to go at the end of the month, but covid happened😔)

That’s all for this week!

9 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

    1. Hey Carmel! I’ve tried learning words/phrases for when I’ve travelled to new places but I’ve never learned that much. It’s difficult learning a new language!


  1. Hey Kaeli!
    This was a great post with many different resources being shared! I like how you included different platforms too, such as apps, websites, and YouTube videos! Good luck with your learning in the future!


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