Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics

It’s all starting to make sense.

I feel like I made a lot of progress in my Korean learning this week! I started off continuing to use the Duolingo app. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I really like how short and simple the lessons are and the format is really easy to use. However, I felt like I wasn’t learning the characters very well and I had to refer to my page that I had written them down on a lot. One night I was using the app and my husband was there helping me out. He explain certain characters were vowels and some were consonants. I learned that ㄱ makes a ‘g’ or ‘k’ sound and that ㅁ makes an ‘m’ sound. So I decided to learn more about the vowels and consonants. Here’s a really great video I used that helped me learn most of the consonants and vowels. She made a lot of word associations that helped me memorize the characters and what sounds they make. For example, ‘ㅂ’ looks like a bucket and makes a ‘b’ sound. The character ‘ㄴ’ looks like a nose and makes an ‘n’ sound. It made so much sense! My husband was impressed with how much I learned from it!

Now I can look at a Korean word and sound it out. I’ve been going around looking at shampoo bottles and face wash that has Korean in our house and sounding out the words. It’s pretty fun! I don’t know what these words mean yet- but I’m learning how to pronounce them. One step at a time. I felt like I was back in grade 1 learning to read again! I also wanted to include a video of me using the Duolingo app to show what I’ve learned as well.

7 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

  1. Well done on your learning project so far! Taking things one step at a time will really help you, as it breaks things up more! The Duolingo app is very convenient, I used it when I was trying to learn Ukrainian. I look forward to more videos of you learning Korean.


  2. I am super impressed with how much you seem to know after only one week! It is really great you have your husband to help you and that you have a real purpose for learning Korean. Love the video you made, the Duolingo app looks like a fantastic resource.


  3. Hey Kaeli! I’m impressed by your progress. I’ve never tried learning a language that uses different symbols/orthography so that looks challenging. Do you also practice writing the symbols? When I was learning Cree last year, I also felt like I was back in Grade 1, repeating those simple sentences again and again. By the way, I love the clean design and colour palette of your blog!


  4. Hey Kaeli!
    You have made some great progress so far! Its so cool that you chose learning Korean for your learning project! I am also learning Korean right now so I can totally relate to this. I also feel like I am literally learning to read again, since it is such a different language from English. However, learning all new characters is definitely less daunting in Korean as there is only 10 vowels and 14 consonants. I’ve found Duolingo really helpful and easy to use as well. I also really like the streak feature on Duolingo because it makes you want to keep practicing everyday and not miss a day (I am at a 76 day streak right now and I feel like I cannot stop practicing now!). Keep up the great work!


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